My work investigates human relationships with nature. I use research into (pre)history, mythology, archaeology, language, landscape and life to offer ideas of a space that can be used to transit the porous border between nature and culture; questioning that dualism and exploring how that border moves through time and space. My work touches on ideas of speculative fiction and utopian-idealist narratives. At the core of it I’m asking, where are we?

I am attempting to translate between the elusive material reality of the elemental, more-than-human world (animals, air, plants, stones, water) and concepts of places, stories and objects; navigating the interpretive ambiguities involved in attempting to locate ourselves within nature.

My material practice is concerned with lowering my environmental impact. Works are often temporary and made from scavenged, found or repurposed natural and human-made materials. Natural materials are returned to their point of finding, to resume their place in cycles of decay.

My work exists across sculpture, drawing, installation, print, performance, photography & writing.