To celebrate the opening of ‘Gathering’ at Grays Wharf, I led a public gathering workshop to mark the coming of summer and celebrate the opportunity for people to come together after more than a year of enforced separation.

Inspired by the stone circles of the atlantic archipelago and their history of communal construction as well as the prehistoric monument of Seahenge, the workshop took place at Loe Bar: a natural shingle and sand bar that marks a dividing point between the salt water of the atlantic and the fresh water of the Loe, the largest natural lake in Cornwall.

The participants gathered at Loe Bar on the turning of the tide and beach-combed for stones, driftwood and other natural materials with which to collectively create a giant circular sun on the beach. This cooperatively made, time and site specific artwork was then reconfigured and returned to the sea over the following days and weeks by the incoming tide and the movements of nature.